Simple Styling: Sofas

Looking for a simple way to freshen up your home this holiday season? Pillows are a quick, affordable way to add interest and warmth to the heart of your home. Here are our three favorite tips!

No. 1    Remember Variety is the [Pumpkin] Spice of Life

Choose a palette that allows colors to play well together. We love seeing shades of rust, yam, camel, caramel, blush, and beige together. It’s understated, intentional and feels warm and inviting. Looking for an effortless, eclectic assortment?  Consider a variety of patterns and textures. We recommend bold stripes, velvet solids, chunky woven textures, mud cloth, jute, suede and linen. Your couch is the most inviting element in your family room and the right pillows will add interest and comfort. Here are a few of our favorites:

No. 2   Go Big or Go Home

We’re often asked about what size pillows and how many you’ll need. Go big! We recommend two large pillows (24-26 inches) to layer with three or four medium, 22-inch ones. You’ll also want a gorgeous lumbar to add luxury and comfort. The play in sizes and shapes will work well whether it’s a sofa or a sectional.

No. 3   Hey Girl, Have Fun

Textiles have the power to transform your home. Adding a throw and swapping out your old pillows for some fresh, modern ones can take your home from mehto wowon a Sunday afternoon. And because pillows aren’t a major investment, they don’t require hours of rabbit trail searches online. Have fun with it!

We have a huge inventory of in-stock pillows at Simple Goods + Design and would love to guide you in your selection; or, if it’s a second cup of coffee and PJs kind of morning, shop our website. Either way, we’re here for you and your sofa.