A Simple Story

Our cofounders, Wendi Ryland and interior designer Christina Atkinson, met in Jackson Hole a few years ago, when Wendi bought a lodge and wanted to modernize it—or, at the very least, de-doily it, as she says. She had a vision but needed someone creative to manage the large project. A friend connected her with Christina; and a month later, the five-bedroom lodge was completely transformed.

“Christina has a simple, organic approach to design,” Wendi says, “she’s relaxed and makes the magic without all the fuss. I felt comfortable working with her and gained confidence.” She felt so comfortable, in fact, the two worked on the lodge’s guest house next, followed by multiple other projects. Christina loved working with Wendi because, “she had a vision, and she trusted me to bring it to life. She turned me loose.” The two quickly became good friends and worked so well together they decided to open their first store in Fredericksburg, Texas, and added a second location in Christina’s hometown of Kerrville, last spring.

At Simple Goods + Design, we offer relaxed modern home furnishings and accessories + design services. We have everything from candles to couches and enough inventory to furnish your entire home—in a day or two. Yep, Christina offers design services and installation with a turnaround so quick, it’ll make your skirt fly up. We invite you to visit us at either of our brick and mortar locations to shop and learn a little more about our story. And we’d love to hear yours. Welcome to Home Simple Goods + Design, where simple is good.