The Friday 5: You Need These
No. 1 Our Favorite Lafco Candle in Ski House

Simple sophistication. Our Lafco candle in Ski House will make you want to kick the snow off your boots and settle by a roaring fire. It crackles, and its smoky remains will fill your home with frankincense, cozy leather notes, and pine. Utterly perfect for ski season . . . even if the closest you’re getting to the slopes is sitting by the fire.

No. 2 Our Conway Electric Extension Cords

Our two-socket extension cords are more attractive, more functional and safer than standard uncovered cords. Made in the USA by Conway Electric, we can’t get enough of them. These dual-tamper-resistant outlets with 13-AMP extension cords are sure to make a statement in your home.  Great for lamps, phones, and anything just beyond reach. Plus, they’re just cool.

No. 3 Our Down Throw Bed

Create cozy comfort anywhere with our Hedgehouse down throw bed. It’s perfect for afternoon picnics, fireside s’mores, or a Sunday afternoon nap. Made of linen and billowy soft for instant cushion, you’re going to love its easygoing attitude. Best of all, it’s completely washable and fuss-free.

No. 4 Our Market Baskets with Leather Handles

Pile blankets, pillows, your favorite magazines, kindling, or dog toys in style with these gorgeous, handcrafted baskets. They can go anywhere in your home, adding style and warmth in honey hues. A perfect home accessory that lends to simple, carefree living.

No. 5 Our El Arroyo Book of Signs

The perfect coffee table books. They’re easy, fun to flip through and make for great conversation when company comes over. We carry all three volumes of their Book of Signs featuring a few of our favorites:


I doubt tequila is the answer but it’s worth a shot.

What if soymilk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?

The worst part about parallel parking is the witnesses.


Need we say more? Come in and grab an armful.

TGIF! Stop by for a weekend that’s simple + good.