We’ve actually always wanted an online store, but something’s been holding us back. YOU. In the very best way.

How would an online shopping experience impact YOU?
Would YOU still feel valued?
Would our services be personalized for YOU?
What about shipping and returns and things that could go wrong for YOU?

Our cofounder, Wendi Ryland, explains the heart behind Home Simple Goods + Design, “Our model has always been one in which we source the best product for each individual customer. We’ve hand-selected performance fabrics, curated ready-to-ship home goods, and designed custom furniture pieces for clients. Our upfront discussions with customers have ensured a trusted experience with happy results–our clients love what we’ve provided them. So how do we provide the same experience for our customers with e-commerce? We knew we’d have to get that right before we developed an online store.”

And so we did.

We’re excited for you to shop our curated finds while in your jammies; there’s nothing better. But allow us to take it a step further and let you know we are still here for YOU.

Let us be a resource for you in your decision-making process. We want to talk with you and guide you. We offer in-store space planning, virtual-design solutions, and on-site consultations with our cofounder and lead designer, Christina Atkinson.

Allow us to walk beside you as you shop for the most important place on earth–home. And please do bear with us as we figure things out. Amid homeschooling and homebuilding and designing and store planning and shopify-learning and wine-swilling, we’ve built this ourselves. If our shipping calculations and checkout process glitch and groan, please know we are working hard to get it smoothed out. We are 100% design savvy and 0% techy.

We hope you’ll browse our inventory online, check out descriptions and pricing, and feel free to call us. Please know some merchandise may show “out of stock” or “sold out,” but we can get it for you! After all, this site is for YOU.

Have a question, get in touch!
Want a different color, get in touch!
See something you like on another site, get in touch!
In a season of social-distancing, we want to stay in touch with YOU, our valued customers.
So! Let’s grab a glass of wine and go shopping!