Mid-century Modern Retreat

When Home Simple Goods + Design cofounder and lead designer, Christina Atkinson, was charged with the task of designing a Mid-century modern home for a client, she happily accepted. Three days later, it was finished.

Today, we’re sharing the master retreat Christina designed with items that are readily available and in-stock for timely delivery. “The project was a dream,” Christina says, “The client had these massive oak trees so we could seamlessly integrate the outdoors with the interior. We aimed for one continuous space that felt organic and neutral.”

Shop the Look

Christina considered texture first, then color. She layered the bed with crisp, white linen bedding and added lots of texture underfoot with a plush and playful rug. She designed a neutral and calming color palette to keep the space airy and bright with its abundant natural light. Her favorite part of the project? “I was in love with that bed. It fit the style of my client’s home and the space perfectly. When you’re doing a design project and you work with elements you love, the result reflects that passion.”

Good design doesn’t have to take forever. We have a huge, readily-available inventory waiting to complete your home. Home Simple Goods + Design … simple goods for simple living.